Why you won't see ads on my blogs

Ads. I just hate them. I hate them so much that i change my habits online or don’t watch TV or rarely read newspapers (so full of ads – no news).
For example take Instagram. After major update from Facebook to Instagram’s algorithm, it always shows pictures of few people / accounts based on previous activity. It has completely fucked up the feed. So I use Instagram rarely.
Facebook is obviously very high on this list. That is one reason I rarely login to facebook. In fact the only reason I have an account there is to share my views through my blog posts, to find long lost friends ( 😛 ) and to occasionally post few photos to show my friends i am still alive.
Many blogs run ads for revenue to support hosting fees. For me, its not much. So that is not an issue. If the website becomes more famous and traffic increases, they start to become greedy and run all kinds of ads.
Ads intrude. They make you buy something you may not want to by creating a false image of it in your mind.
I am not being paranoid or anything by thinking like this. If you haven’t heard, the favourite AdBlocker & AdBlockerPlus (ABP for chrome) for Chrome Browser & Firefox & may be other browsers now share your data to advertisers. They are selling information about your preferences. How you block websites, or how you probably allow specific pages to load etc. I use ublock origin now and it works very well. I see no reason not to switch to ublock from ABP.
And finally Google. Its difficult to escape from google. I tried using DuckDuckGo search Engine. They shout out to say that they don’t track you. But I was not satisfied with the quality of the returned results for any search. That’s why I had to switch back to Google for search.
I use Google Maps, Photos, Gmail, YouTube (rarely now). Trying to use Gmail less and found maybe good alternative: ProtonMail (
I am not saying you take extreme steps to avoid someone tracking your online activity and make your life difficult for even simpler tasks. Try to avoid wherever possible by switching to alternatives.
Don’t let advertisements drive you or impact choices you make. They just BrainWash people. If you haven’t watched TV lately, do for few hours / days. You will see same ads in many channels and those ads run for a long time.
This is called planting into the viewers’ minds. You will now know about the product and the chances of you buying it is more. That’s why corporations run Free Offers / Festival Offers / End of Season Sale, etc. etc. and so much shit.
A real Example: Fogg Ads by Vini
I remember time when there were no Fogg Deodorants or Perfumes. They ran so many ads everywhere that “Kya Chal raha Hai,… Fogg Chal raha hai” (someone can translate to English maybe), I hear this dialogue even now sometimes when someone asks “Kya Chal raha hai”.  They became No. 1 Deo in India (that’s what they used to say in their ads recently)
All to make you buy a product you probably won’t if you have to make a decision by inspecting a product. Not by watching ads over and over again.
If you feel the same, try to heed less importance the advertisements (no one does, but everyone does.).
This is my promise. If my blog becomes famous by any chance, you will never see an ad from me. Not unless I am in so much trouble that I see no other choice. You will never have to worry about me collecting Personally Identifiable Information ( search for this on Google and read about it, how big the industry is) about you. The only data i collect is for Google Analytics, which is completely anonymous. Although I don’t do anything with that data as well.