How living conditions are only going to worsen in Bengaluru

I don’t have pictures to make this read interesting so that more people will read this post. I honestly don’t care.
People from everywhere flocking – not only that, even the farmers are leaving their profession to come work in factories.
There were few articles online few month ago. They were estimating that the silicon valley and tech capital of India, Bengaluru is going to be un-liveable in few years.
I think the issue is serious now that people need to do something right now.
I haven’t got enough data on Rains in Bengaluru, but I know about my village, some 100 KMS from Bengaluru. There was a time when all the fields were full of crops. Now, after some 7 years, drinking water has become scarce and water for crops is now rain-dependent. Almost all fields are now left without any crops. Rainfall has decreased so much that they had very good rainfall more than 10 or 15 years ago, that what the elders in the villages say.
This is forcing all farmers to flock to cities, more are flocking to Bengaluru, in search of jobs to feed their family, pay for their kids’ education.
Think about this. The people who grow the food you and i eat and leaving their deeply rooted profession of farming and taking up any job they could get in the factories, construction sites, etc.
There is a report by World Bank – that more than 65% or so of farmers depend on rainfall for their crops. Ground Water table is messed up everywhere and we are seeing droughts more devastating than before. Read about the situation of Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh farmers. There are suicides almost everyday.
Coming back to Bengaluru, all the lakes are gone. Whatever left are just sources for dumping waste now. Varthur & Bellandur lakes are on fire now – because of the so many pollutants in the water – these lakes catch fire, emit loads of toxic foam – google for pictures.
All this is saying that what we are doing is seriously messing up the balance.
What can we do? You & Me? We don’t have any power?
Maybe no, but democracy means Govt. is made of people, by the people, for the people. We all need to come together to save not only this city, but dreams of so many people leaving everything behind, only to see their dreams shattered by the rapid urbanization & development that is making a place un-liveable.
Try reducing the amount of garbage you create, try to minimize the use of plastics – ex. buying a shampoo bottle instead of those Rs. 1 / 2/ 3 sachets. This may be a bad example, but I think we should look far ahead now.
We are probably beyond that point, but doing something is always better than nothing. This should be a start. Or Join a community that voices against these issues and bring a change.
Any comments on what we can do to mitigate this uncontrollable spread of waste are extremely welcome. I will try to change my methods if small things really matter. You should too.
One more thing – just pray that someone somehow will make Donald Trump understand that Climate change is not a chinese hoax, its real. He pulled US out of Paris Climate Accord, though it was not perfect, it was a step towards a historic agreement to protect our environment.
As Elon Musk said on why he made all Tesla patents open (maybe not exact translation, but close):
“We are all in the same boat and the boat is sinking. If I have a better design for a boat, it would be logical to share it with the others.”

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